Jack's The Lad...

Jack Ross has finally been unveiled as the new Sunderland manager almost a week after his arrival was first announced. The 41 year old former St Mirren manager spoke to the media for the first time since taking charge at SAFC.

Jack began by explaining why he decided to leave St Mirren to take over at Sunderland: "I was in no real rush to leave the job I was in because of the success I was having. Because of the struggles at this club recently, Stewart and Charlie presented a vision for the club which is similar to what I’ve done elsewhere and that convinced me. When this opportunity presented itself, a club of this stature and the timing of it, that was so appealing. The overwhelming reaction is excitement."

On the subject of the existing squad and potential new signing coming in from north of the border Jack said: "Recruitment is key to what a manager does. I have always viewed my job as making players better. If you make players better then you have a better chance of making the team successful. That process starts in earnest tomorrow. It would be naive to say we won't be in a period of transition. That in itself is exciting. That process will continue over the course of the coming days. There is still enough time. The information is there, it is digesting it as quickly as possible. It is about finding the right characters for the challenge that lies ahead. I think that's something you have to be very careful of coming from a another country, filling the squad with players who don't know how to win the league you now find yourself in. I'd say that about the homegrown players at Sunderland too, it's about finding the right mix that can win us this league. There's good players in Scotland. The game is a lot better than people sometimes believe. There's undoubtedly players who can make that transition. If that interest becomes more concrete is that it's not a bad sell I've got because it is a really big club and a really good club, and one that a player can come to and progress at."

In terms of the challenge head of him Jack believes he can overcome anything thrown his way: "Timing wise, this feels right for me to come to this club", explained Ross. "The position will become clear in the coming weeks. None of the jobs I have taken on have been easy. That is a new one for me to overcome. I wouldn't have taken the job on if I didn't think I could."

It'll be a baptism of fire for Ross as he faces a tough test in his first managerial job in England but he's fully aware of the task ahead: "I have never managed or coached in England. What I have done is learn quickly and adapt quickly in the environment I have been in. We are in League One, the challenge is to get out of League One."

Jack was on holiday when he met the immovable force known as Stewart Donald. The details we're thrashed out there and then meaning he didn't get to relax much: "The holiday didn't quite pan out as I thought", said Jack. "I don't think I'll be getting another one anytime soon!"