Howey On Twitter Talk...

Lee Howey has, like so many others, put his foot in it a bit with his Twitter comments on potential new SAFC owner Stuart Donald. The former Sunderland defender had criticised Donald but has now put it down to him being just another worried fan. He explained: "I am a concerned fan, that's all I am, it was just to say we have to be cautious. We have to hold on and not make any assumptions until it is done and the details made clear. There is a lot of hearsay and rumours but if Stewart Donald is the guy to take Sunderland forward then I will be absolutely delighted. I don't want to be seen that I am really down on the club - I am Sunderland daft - and I want the best but just don't want people to get carried away with the takeover."

Donald’s group is just awaiting EFL clearance to take control of the club and Howey hopes it will be a happy ending for all concerned: "Hopefully it is great news but at the moment we don't have all the details. The devil is in the detail and we have to wait and see. We have to be cautious as football fans. It is our football club and we need to know that the man taking over is the right man for our football club, that's all it was. The last thing we want to do is take it out of Ellis Short's hands and put it into someone else's hands and it won't be any better. "At the moment we don't know too much about him or where the other investment is coming from or level of funding etc. "If he is the right man and proves it then I will be over the moon, as a fan we all want the best. Things can be taken out of context when it comes to a tweet."

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