Reacting To Rodwell

So, Jack Rodwell has done an exclusive interview with Daily Mail and the reaction from the fans couldn’t be any worse for him.

Rodwell tries to gain sympathy, claiming it’s ‘unfair’ to ask him to walk away from the club and allow us to tear up his contract. I’m not sure the midfielder is any position to comment on what is unfair, with him costing us over £4000 every minute he played for us, as well as costing £10m to sign him in the first place. Did he live up to that price tag? Amongst injuries and very poor performances, even £5 million would have been steep for our worst signing in a long time.

He then goes onto say he would be left ‘jobless’ if he walked away. Which is understandable, because it would obviously be horrible to be sat in your luxurious home in Northumberland spending your millions with not a care in the world. Don’t worry Jack, we have all been there.

The England “international’s” comments claiming he ‘never wanted this’ and that ‘it hasn’t worked out, but not through lack of effort’ were particularly angering. Is he blaming us for how downhill his career has gone? Yes, we are pretty poor, but it’s up to him to put on a performance, and in turn we would reward him with a place in the starting XI. But Rodwell has never been good enough and never will be. In fact, should we not be blaming him for how bad we are? After all, we failed to win a game he started in for 1370 days.

Credit to Rodwell though, he decides to lighten the mood of his interview and makes a joke – ‘I do believe I’m a Premier League player and I do believe I’m an England international when I’m fit and on form.’ I think he may have forgotten that he can’t even get a game for a team that are at the bottom of the Championship, but don’t worry Jack, I’m sure you’ll fit straight into a Premier League side.

Mr. Bottler clearly has a very high opinion of himself and his footballing ability and I’m not going to complain if he wants to go elsewhere to achieve that ‘dream’, but I’m sure a lot of Sunderland fans will be happy to say ‘I told you so’ when he ends up at a club battling for relegation in the Championship just like us – most likely not even contributing to the fight because he picked up an injury within two weeks of signing.

It is very hard to see any positives in Rodwell’s career on Wearside and that interview has made me even more hopeful of seeing him head for the exit. Although I suppose he scored twice against Exeter City in the League Cup once, so well done on that Mr Premier League.