Pisstaking Party Continues

SAFC is currently dying on its feet. The levels of mismanagement, bail outs (two directors in Tony Davison and Charlie Methven have quit and the real reasons not properly explained as these things do not happen in the middle of a season under normal circumstances), and general lack of expertise and professionalism has now reached an absolutely unacceptable crisis point.

On and off the pitch our club that so many invest so much in financially, emotionally and time wise is facing a footballing Armageddon unless positive, ruthless action is taken immediately.

This involves sacking the current clueless manager. Another utterly pathetic display against Gillingham and Parkinson’s desperate, straw clutching post-match comments, plus the overall level of utter ineptness throughout his depressing reign to date means he must go. It’s not a matter of not being able to afford to sack him, it’s a matter of can we afford not to sack him. Overall results and performances have been frightening, most against decidedly average opposition. His team selection against Gillingham proved he doesn’t have a clue about his best eleven and the Jurassic Park hoofball tactics are just hideous to witness. The guy is lost.

We need some experienced football professionals appointed at all levels of the club which should include replacing Richard Hill (Head of Football Operations) and Paul Reid (Academy manager), two ex Eastleigh friends of Stewart Donald, which stinks of jobs for the boys appointments. Are they genuinely the best people for their respective posts? Our overall situation would suggest not.

Tony Coton is another whose position should be reviewed. Including Stewart Donald and the aforementioned Hill, Reid and Coton how many of our senior club staff live lock, stock and barrel with their families in the North East of England in order to give one hundred per cent focus to their roles at SAFC? Who the hell is running the club on a daily basis with Davison and Methven gone?

A penny for the thoughts of the American investors watching this amateurish shit show right now?