SAFC’s CEO, Jim Rodwell, claims that the club are still in a period of exclusivity with a potential buyer.

“We are currently in a period of exclusivity,” Rodwell said. “I think things have gone on longer than anyone would have liked, predominantly due to COVID and the uncertainty caused by COVID. The party that we're in exclusivity with have shown us proof of funds - and they're the only people to actually do so. Lots of people are all over the internet claiming they're close to buying the football club, but only one party has ever shown us proof of funds and given us a credible plan to take the football club forward - and that's the party that we're currently in exclusivity with. They've been uber-professional throughout the period but the simple fact remains - we are in a COVID world. We haven't got fans in the stadium, we haven't got a bailout at the moment and it's making matters very difficult. Until we get some kind of certainty from probably government, these matters are going to progress I guess.”