EFL Finally Approve

The EFL have finally granted Stewart Donald and Ellis Short permission to complete the sale of our club. So, at last, Donald is over the line and can begin rebuilding our club.

Stewart Donald said: “Thank you for all the messages of support following today. It has been a great day for me with the EFL meeting.”

Donald’s right-hand man, Charlie Methven, who will be a big player at SAFC added. "There’s a major task ahead with moving players on who are at inappropriate wages for the level we’re now at. You need to be realistic about who you are. Sunderland faces the fact that they will be the game of the season for most teams and they need to be humble enough to match the effort of the opposition if they want to succeed."

SAFC have released this: “Following a meeting with the EFL on Friday, and the provision of further information, we can now confirm that the proposed sale of the club could be concluded as early as next week. We would like to place on record our thanks to the EFL for their assistance during the process, at what is a very busy time of the football calendar for them. We are unable to make further comment at this time.”

ALS would like to send congratulations to Stewart Donald and the guys. Let’s hope they can turn our club around. From our first meetings with them in early May, right through the takeover process, they have spoken to us regularly and have been spot on. Clearly keen on fan engagement and communication.

And commiserations to all the other consortiums who approached us. There were certainly some really good contenders out there, particularly the group led by Sunderland fans, who had Niall Quinn on board as vice chairman, had done six months due diligence and were seemingly favourites until the final furlong.

We apologise if at times it feels like we've kept fans in the dark, but we were given specific information to feed to you and didn't want to risk any deal being jeopardised by revealing potentially sensitive info. The most important thing was that the deal went through and Ellis Short is gone. Time for a new era…

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