In form front man, Charlie Wyke has spoke ahead of this weekend’s crucial EFL Trophy final clash with League 2 Tranmere Rovers. Wyke, who is the top scorer in League 1 is confident going into the final tie of the competition but insists promotion is still priority.

“It has been a difficult one for me. It hasn’t been very nice, going to Wembley three times and coming out on the wrong side of the scoreline. It has been horrendous, really, and a place that I haven’t enjoyed coming to over the years. If fans were allowed in the stadium, I don’t think I would have wanted my family to come, to be honest with you. So, it would be a nice change to play here and win, because nobody wants to be losing four times on this sort of stage. I’ve made sure I’ve taken the chances that have come to me, and I didn’t really know that I was the top scorer in this competition, which is pleasing. I probably haven’t played as much in this competition as I would have liked; when you’re scoring goals, you want to play every game. After the first 20 minutes against Lincoln, we really took the game to them and got the shape right, which probably took us a bit longer than we would have liked. But, overall, I thought we were the better team on the night. Later on in the game, you know when McGeady gets the ball he’s going to do something magical, so you just have to get on the end of those crosses. I’m gutted that the fans can’t be there, The Sunderland fans would sell the stadium out and Tranmere are not a small club themselves. You’ve witnessed the scenes in Trafalgar Square with the fans before the last two appearances at Wembley, so we know how much these kind of games mean to them. You know that the stadium would have been full of noisy supporters from both sides; it’s a shame that they can’t be here, but we know that they will be watching on and hoping that we can lift that trophy. The main aim is to get promoted; I think if we do win at Wembley and see off Tranmere it will be a massive boost going into the last few games. The thought of losing is never going to enter our minds going into this game, and winning will give us that extra boost that we might need to get us over the line, there is no doubt about that. We have a new owner and he wants to take the club forward, which is always a good thing. He’s been to the last few games and there have been some good results. He must be delighted with how things have started for him since he has joined the club. It is an exciting time ahead for Sunderland.”