Charlie Wyke is still buzzing following his hat trick at Wimbledon on Saturday. The striker feels the confidence he currently has is having a positive impact on his goals return.

"There's no getting away from the fact that I've had a difficult time at Sunderland, and it's nice to get all the frustration out and score some goals. Long may it continue. "It's great to get a hat-trick and that gets me in double figures. I think I'm on 13 goals now so it's a good day all round. Over the last two seasons, I probably would have missed those opportunities with a lack of confidence. But today they went in for me on Saturday, and like it has been all season I really enjoyed it. I'm full of confidence. It's been a confidence issue over the last few seasons, but he's come in and said he really likes me and that he wants me to play for him. When a manager puts trust in you, you want to repay that. The manager is big on getting in certain areas, upgrading the cross and then getting in better areas. It's working for me at the minute.”

"The manager told us that we had to win. It wasn't an easy game, but we came out with the three points. It hasn't been easy with the COVID outbreak and the change of team, and it has been stop-start since the manager came in. But he's really put down a stamp of how he wants to play and the lads are buying into it. The aim is obviously promotion. At the start of the season we said promotion and it's definitely still on for us. We just need to kick on now. The first time I scored a hat-trick I got home, my house had been burgled and my car had been pinched - and my Twitter got hacked on the same day. Hopefully I get home today and my car is still there!"