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So, the club have decided now is the time to change managers again. I have mixed thoughts on this. The club have been restricted monetarily, to how much they can spend due to the financial implications imposed by the league, so Parkinson had his hands tied to a degree on who could be brought in. We achieved a reasonable finish last season, circumstances beyond our control, not going up. If we had, like Luton we would be in crap land.

Results this season, not to good, but again he was only working with what he had. Before he was appointed, his track record wasn’t brilliant or else another club would have snapped him up.

Now we go to the present. What tried and tested successful manager is available? Any who fit the bill, are doing the business at that club.

Those names being bandied around are no more qualified or successful than Parkinson, was before he was appointed!

Are we to keep going down this spiralling route of changing managers after a couple of seasons, the past decade or more at least, has proved the club is a joke in respect of this?

The responsibility clearly lies at the top structure of the club. No one with any knowledge or experience of football, who choose the square peg for the round hole. Sam Allardyce was the last correct candidate who could have changed the club’s fortune.

Sadly, it was not to be as we all know. Until the right people at the top are in charge, then it looks likely we will keep doing the same tried and unsuccessful thing.

The next manager has to be one with a proven and sustained track record, and not just one who is out of work, but is available. Even if it means breaking the bank and paying compensation, it has to be someone who can make a sustained difference.