There is a vortex of dust still whizzing around the SOL, the same dust that has normally settled by now, and yet again we are left to reminisce a season of complete and abject failure.

As we headed into last season, we all prayed and hoped it would be the last one in this depressing division. The scenes at Wembley following the play off final still linger, more so the forlorn look on the former chairman of our beloved club. He looked as gutted as we did. We all bought it.

It’s now become quite clear, that look on the face of Donald was not of the same ilk as us fans. This bloke had just lost his get out of jail card and the quick sale he so craved. A recent meeting with RAWA echoed this.

The fundamental ideology behind a “club” is that of togetherness. We’ve lost this, and it’s now a them and us scenario. Our current plight has engrossed many a club in the country. The beautiful game, unfortunately, is totally dominated by cash.

The euphoria of our new owners having a beer at away games with fans was nothing but a huge PR stunt. We fell for it. It was refreshing, we can’t be blamed for that. The image of Methven in his red trousers and loafers, puffing away on his hamlet cigar whilst necking a pint of Fosters sold us down the river. It seemed a new dawn was about to commence and the long-suffering fans had hope and optimism under a new regime. How wrong we were. They duped us all.

As we sit now, licking our wounds, the frustration has now turned to anger amongst the vast majority of supporters. We’ve done our bit. We’ve done everything that has been asked of us by these two absolute charlatans. They are the ones that have quite simply not delivered and let us down. They’ve let the club down they own, with no remorse for anyone of us.

Having just read the transcript from the recent meeting with the current owner, like most fans my blood is boiling. SD has totally fucked this up and playing the wounded soldier routine quite simply doesn’t wash. In fact, I find it quite disgusting.

Mr Donald bleated “Get your facts right or shut up.” Your words not mine.

This football club is embedded deep into the heart of our community. It was before you arrived and will be long after you’ve gone. You and your chancer friend, Mr Methven, have destroyed us. You should be ashamed.

Despite stepping down as chairman, the club is still for sale, at a price that’s not going to generate any interest. Instead of accepting this, our owner has had the shear audacity to point the finger at us fans. How dare he?

We’ve backed our club. Maybe if you had, this blog may have been full of praise and adulation. Instead here we are about to face our third season in League One. Leeds have only just got back into the Premier League.

I’m sensing disturbing similarities.

Stewart Donald created this. He may have stepped down as chairman but still remains owner and has ultimate power. Nothing changes ‘til he sells up

Do us all a favour, sell at a fair price and get out of our club. We want our club back…