Rangers winger Jordan Jones is expected to join us on loan today. The Boro born Northern Ireland international comes with a bad boy image for receiving a seven-game ban from the SFA after he breached coronavirus regulations to attend a party in October.

In other news, with Will Grigg expected to leave on loan, there are no plans for Danny Graham to depart. Lee Johnson explained: "I haven't had the same type of conversations with Danny [as with Grigg]. He has been exemplary in terms of his professionalism and where he sits in the squad. Any conversation I have had with Danny has been about performance, how we get the best out of him, and how we try to drive him in training. So not the same kind of conversations at all. There was no recurrence of his knee problem. Gooch came back in [to the squad] because I think he had been excellent and had been very unfortunate to then contract asymptomatic Covid. I thought he was really good in the EFL Trophy game against Port Vale, he was exactly what we needed, and I had a chat with Danny and he understood – he is an excellent professional, Danny, and you’d expect that from someone who has played as many games and has had a top career as he has had."

LJ also gave an overall update on the window. "It's all fluid. We've got to make sure that the squad has a nice dynamic and we want it to be competitive. Players have got to be able to have genuine game time there. It's important that, dependant on the phase and stage of their career that they get game time. We talked about the likes of Dan Neil predicament - a good young player for us who we don't want to hold back but we also believe can lay for us and impact between now and the end of the season. I think as the final few days develop - I think that we'll have to be pretty fluid in terms of the right numbers for the squad. There's obviously one game and going into MK Dons. Based on injuries and fitness, we could potentially have 29 games left which is a lot to cram in. Which is a lot. It's up to us to manage that carefully and selectively but keep everybody engaged and believing that they've got those minutes if performances in training and games are good."