For a while, pretty much since they bought the club, there have been rumours and debates over how Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven acquired the club. It has since became clear that they used the club’s parachute payments to fund the deal but a recent articles in the press have highlighted even more damning evidence that these charming cockney lads aren’t exactly what we thought we were getting two years ago. Charlie Methven muttered those immortal words “The piss-taking party is over.” Little did we know, the party had only just begun and they were the hosts.

Now I don’t claim to be a financial expert, but it seems that Donald has written off £20.5 million of the money he “borrowed” to buy the club. This understandably is putting potential buyers off, as it leaves a massive hole in the accounts.

Our owners have stated that the money will be paid back in full, either by way of a “gift” or “shareholder funds”. We’ll have to wait until next year’s accounts are released to see if they stick to their word.

What’s more, it seems that Juan Sartori was able to purchase a 20% stake in the club for £1. This is obviously alarming, particularly as it was previously reported that he’d invested £3 million into the club.

This is all extremely concerning, and I believe that the current owners are not fit to be in charge of our football club. Would we entrust such a pillar of our community with David Brent or Del Boy? No. So why should we sit back and watch on as Madrox run Sunderland AFC into the ground, condemned to a lifetime of Third Division mediocrity?