• Tony O'Donnell


Following a great result at Doncaster, and a well-earned draw at Fleetwood the lads smashed Lincoln at home and suddenly all is rosy again in the gardens of the SOL.

But is it?

The usual tweets of “just papering over the cracks” appeared as soon as the final whistle went last Saturday. The cracks according to social media were as wide as the Wear in the backdrop of our majestic stadium. Phil Parkinson, his cohorts and all the playing staff had apparently merely bought themselves a bit more time.

The formation laid out by PP, the hunger and guile from the selected eleven made us sit up and take notice again. We went at Lincoln; we harried and chased every loose ball. We finally successfully pressed! Maguire was back to his best, Hume and Gooch linked up majestically.

Credit where it’s due, this was the best we’ve played since Parkinson’s arrival. We had eleven red and white shirts on the pitch all pissing in the same proverbial pot. We managed 7 out of 9 points over the festive period and after one win in two months before that, then we’ll happily take it!

We’re currently 9th, a point off the play offs and only nine behind this weekend’s opponents, League leaders, Wycombe, but there’s a lot of teams in it.

Keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground, we all know there’s a long way to go and a week in football can be an extremely long time.

However, the natives are still restless as to the running of our club and many are still unhappy with the manager. Various statements from fanzines and the club alike has divided opinion. This is football after all.

The only unity we have is we all want our team to win and get promoted from this horrific league and be successful.

So, on that note I say, I get yourself there Saturday. Support the team we all love and live in the hope we can grab the three points we so desperately need in order to continue this good form we’re in.

Maybe the cracks have been papered over, but there’s a smidgen of hope, a touch of feel good factor again.

I’ll take that for now.

Ha’way the lads