Super Kev has had his say on the potential takeover of Sunderland AFC by billionaire 22 year old Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, the European Golden Shoe winner is optimistic but still has reservations about the continued involvement of Stewart Donald, Juan Sartori and Charlie Methven.

“My initial reaction was great. We all know that a takeover has been in the pipeline for a long time. A lot of people anticipating when it is going to happen and last week we heard that they had agreed a deal with a consortium. But I have read further and researched it a little bit and for me, does it make a huge difference – a 22-year-old that is going to take control of the club? Donald is still there and Sartori is still there – that is the same. Nothing would change. Perhaps a little more investment but a 22-year-old who probably knows nothing about football, knows nothing about running a football club – is he really going to make the crucial decisions to take the club forward? There might be investment but for me I would like to see a clean sweep of the whole board. For me, this takeover would make no difference. I am happy there is fresh investment coming in but I would have liked to haves seen a clean sweep of the whole board.”

In other news, former winger Andy Reid hit back at co-owner Charlie Methven's accusation of SAFC fans being "toxic", the former Republic of Ireland international Tweeted, “Toxic? Not a chance, some of the best and most loyal fans in the world, they will put up with almost anything as long as you give 100% for the club!"