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Ross Stewart singled out his teammate Lynden Gooch for praise, and explained that Alex Neil wanted the wide players to get more crosses into the box. He also shared his thoughts on the gaffer's claims that he'd been 'flogged' all season...


“It was something we had worked on Thursday, Friday in training and something the gaffer had pointed out that he doesn’t think we crossed the ball enough."


“Goochy was excellent, the quality of his delivery on a number of occasions was on the money and we got a couple of goals from it."


“Myself, I’m a bit frustrated with a couple that were on my head but just the fact that the deliveries are coming in as a striker is what you want. You want to be causing defenders trouble and trying to get on the end of things."


“I think we got a lot of joy from that and that showed with the number of goals we scored.”


“I think probably the Plymouth one with the travelling et cetera maybe as a team we were maybe more jaded than what we had been."


“After that we had a couple of days off and I think you saw that we came back refreshed with a lot of tempo to our play."


“I have played a lot of games, more than I’ve played in my career, but that’s what you want to do as a player and I’m never going to put my hand up and say I’m tired. I want to help the team as much as I can.”


“For the boys that played that will certainly be motivation. At the same time you can’t let that overtake what’s there. We will try to prepare for that game, come up with tactics on how we can hurt them and stop them hurting us. We will just look forward to it because this season when you are playing for something it puts an edge on these fixtures.”