The decisions (or lack of any) made by the board in the coming days will decide our immediate and potentially long-term future. The fan polls suggest that there are very few Parkinson supporters left in our ranks.

Those who say we need to stop changing managers with our customary alacrity probably have a point, but when the current incumbent appears tactically inept and seemingly unable to inspire any kind of form from the team you have to ask can the club afford to persevere with him?

There is a new transfer window looming. Should the club risk letting Parkinson spend money on players who may not actually make any difference? After all, as none of the existing squad are currently setting the world alight how many new players would it take to make a difference?

If Parkinson remains in charge it could be that, at best, we will continue to plod along mid table and therefore any money spent in January will be wasted. We cannot afford to simply plan to see out the season in this league. We have to show some ambition now whilst we still have a chance of making the play offs. If we accept that Parkinson is not the man to do this then he has to go and go before he is given the chance to blow any opportunity otherwise provided by the transfer window.

So, if not Parkinson then who? Sentimentalists are suggesting Kevin Phillips. SuperKev seems like a thoroughly nice bloke, but how many nice blokes make good managers? I would suggest what we need now is a ruthless bastard. A Roy Keane type figure. Someone who would inspire and command respect the moment he walked through the door and who would drop or ship out the laggards and those who didn't immediately toe the line.

Stewart Donald has to act now. If he doesn't he is essentially saying another season in the third tier is acceptable to this club. He is also saying he is willing to potentially waste money in the coming transfer window (at a time we can least afford to do this). His credibility is now at risk and he must know it.

Time to admit his earlier mistake in appointing Parkinson, grasp the nettle, be proactive and have a go at trying to save what's left of the season.