Dear ALS

I'm a very concerned about the running of our club. Donald and co are not fit to be custodians of our once great football club and it appears they are getting off very lightly.

Following a recent discussion on the message board about getting Donald out of our club, some points have been raised. I'll paste those points below and I'd be grateful if Donald and co could be pressed on those points. For me the grievances are as follows and we need key, detailed responses:

They have sold of a whole generation of talent that joined the club way before they did. We know we could have kept some of them but chose not to. They were the ones who mentioned the Dortmund model and doing the opposite. So, this needs constantly pushing their way - how much have they made, where has that money gone, what is their strategy for future young talent coming into the first team? We will suffer from this tragic short termism long after they have gone.

They used the parachute payments to buy the club, there needs to be complete transparency on this, not just Donald whining that 'he's not a chancer'. They say they will/are paying this back - again there needs to transparency and explanation why it was taken out of the accounts.

The U18s/U23s were an utter embarrassment last year - the Head of the Academy is a previous employee of theirs as are many in the club. He is badly failing in his job, what are his targets? Are their consequences for his poor performance.

Methven, who bizarrely is a PR Professional, has repeatedly slagged off the fans, the same fans who created records for attendance in support of the regime.

Their handling of Season Tickets/Refunds has been appalling and is the final straw for many

Scott Purvis