Whichever side of the fence you sit on with regard to the club’s leadership, or lack of, or the contradictory nature of many of many statements regarding the club’s finances, recruitment, FPP involvement and the effectiveness of many questionable staffing appointments, such as ex Eastleigh personnel in key positions, surely there is no denying that the tone of the SAFC statement yesterday was both childish and defeatist.

It was a shameful and spineless reaction to the joint fan’s statement released when the club was at the lowest league position in their history and producing relegation form, one win in two months, third bottom of the form table.

To be fair to RAWA, ALS, RR and WMS, they never said it was representative of all supporters views but it did receive pretty widescale support in relation overall message and clearly tried to make out that supporter pressure meant Donald was now going to leave SAFC, even though he’s been trying to sell up for a year now.

After the still unexplained departures of Tony Davison and Charlie Methven (personal reasons does not wash at such badly timed departures, please don’t insult our intelligence) the continuing mystery that is Juan Sartori etc, it seems that the owners and their associates have left/are leaving a very unsteady ship which needs guts, intelligence, total commitment and ambition to get it back on course to first reach the Championship.

Who is running SAFC on a daily basis? Who currently REALLY cares about our immediate and long-term future at this frustrating and uncertain period in our generally distinguished history?

One thing must be highlighted though DON’T BLAME THE FANS for our current situation as a third-tier football club struggling to impress. It’s the club’s policies and ineffective strategies that have brought us to where we are. The supporters have more than done their bit, deserve to express their views and don’t deserve to be chastised in the manner many uninformed outlets have done.

To Mr Donald I’d say show some backbone and leadership if you have any genuine affection for SAFC, then don’t release unprofessional petty statements that fuel an already delicate situation and read as if they were penned by a huffy 10 year old who didn’t get their own way.