Following the club's cancellation of the fan engagement meeting earlier this week, for transparency purposes the Red and White Army have released their questions which were requested in advance by Chief Executive, Jim Rodwell.

Takeover Update

· Where are we at with regards to takeover?

· What are the timelines looking like for takeover?

· If a takeover goes through, who will be responsible for day-to-day running of the club, for example, are existing members of the club hierarchy likely to stay on in some positions (board members etc)?

· Can we rule out an approach by William Storey and put that on the record?

· A lot of members have commented that the owner has removed himself from the 'firing line' by stepping down as Chair, is he just biding time and hoping to ride the season out with promotion as an option?

· If no takeover is concluded, is Mr Donald still looking to leave and will his asking price reflect this?

· In July, RAWA were asked by the Club for some breathing space while a takeover was to be concluded, what can the Club put on record to reassure concerned supporters about the direction of the Club at present?

· If, like previous takeover attempts, this one does not materialise, what plans are in place for the future of the Club?

Organisational Structure

· Are there any updates with regards to filling key positions in the Club, Chairperson, Academy Manager, recruitment team etc?

· In the absence of an academy manager, who is running the academy?

· What measures have been put in place for the club to retain academy talent and what pathways have been put in place for player development to the first team?

· If a takeover is not forthcoming, what are the plans for the academy?

· During the current lockdown, are all of the academy teams back training?

· Given the departure of the previous recruitment team, who is now responsible for transfers, given what is considered by fans to be another poor transfer window?

· If the Club are promoted this season, what measures are to be put in place to ensure that the team is able to compete in the league above?


· As the Club is still losing traditional match day revenues, what is the current financial situation at the football club?

· Some members have expressed concerns about the financial constraints that we're working under given Covid19, as well as servicing the FPP loan, is this manageable in the current climate?

· At a meeting held over the summer, the owner noted that monies would be returned from Madrox to the Club 'as and when needed'. How much of this balance is outstanding?

· How much of the FPP loan has been used to date and does this form part of the funds that have been repaid by Madrox for the use of the parachute payments in the purchase of the Club?

· Even though the first team have had a reasonable start to the season with regards to number of points accrued, the breakdown in trust and the relationship with the Club has been mentioned by members, with some of them calling on RAWA to look at action involving 'not a penny more' to be spent at the Club under the existing owners. What would the club say to address the concerns of those members?

Customer Service

· With regards to refunds for season ticket holders who have not been able to attend games this season, will the club be taking a proactive approach to assisting fans with refunds?

· What is the process for supporters to obtain a refund?

· Do the club have any plans to re-open the club shop soon (where allowed within national and local restriction guidance)?

Ladies Team

· Are there any plans to stream ladies matches once playing again?

· Is there any progress on a return to Hetton/Hebburn for the ladies?

· Are the club still committed to supporting the ladies' application to join the WSL when necessary?