Skipper Max Power reflected on our first away defeat of the season at Shrewsbury Town, he admitted that we “weren’t good enough” and says we need to “improve and get on a good run of form.”

“I can’t dress it up, we weren’t good enough, and we came in at half time 1-0 up. We played Shrewsbury recently and were probably a bit lucky in that game and second half, we didn’t punish them, I can stand and try to put a positive spin but there isn’t, individual mistakes have put us under pressure and cost us goals, but we need to move on and take the criticism as a team."

"Things just didn’t go our way. If you don’t go and put the game to bed or defend situations properly then you get punished and that’s what has happened against Shrewsbury and against MK Dons at the weekend. Everyone has to go away, take the criticism, act on that and respond to that on Saturday. It’s football at the end of the day, you can take all the praise and that pats on the back when things are going well but when things aren’t going your way you find out about people's characters. I’m my own biggest critic and I always go away and analyse my performance and see what I can do better, I hope all the lads will do the same and bounce back. It’s no surprise when teams up their games against us so you’ve got to be ready for that, and when teams put in that extra 5 to 10% against us because they know how big a club Sunderland is so we need to deal with that. We’ve got to go on a serious run from now until the end of the season which needs to start on Saturday, let’s go and have a tear up and go win the game on Saturday. We need to get a good run of form and all the lads should want that and be fighting.”