With Conor McLaughlin preparing for hernia surgery and Luke O’Nien still not match fit, it seems that Max Power is set for a continued spell at right-back. “We’ve always got to look to not rule out positional changes,” said Lee Johnson. “It was interesting talking to Max – at Wigan, he was due to play the whole season at right-back under Cooky (Paul Cook), but then they signed (Reece) James from Chelsea and that changed things at a stroke. I played with a player, Bradley Orr, who was a very good midfielder, and then he moved to right-back and became even better. That was because he was comfortable with the game in front of him, and the same is true of Max. I think he’s got all the attributes to play at right-back if that’s the way we decide to go. He’s fit, and he can churn out that same pace like a steam train for 96 minutes going forward and back, forward and back. He’s a good footballer. He’s a manufactured footballer in a way, and that’s not being derogatory against him, and he’s definitely a player that can play forward play. Tactically, he’s very good, and he’s been another leader for us. Ultimately, you want the players to be happy with whatever you ask them to do, and I think with someone like Max, then as long as they’re out playing in the XI, they’ll do anything for you. I thought Aiden was really bright in the week,” he said. “He’s been good right the way through. I’d certainly be saying if it wasn’t, but his attitude has been good. He’s committed to what we’re after him doing, and I have to say he’s playing a good leadership role."

In other news, Aiden McGeady has been chatting about his return to the first team and what is required for us to move up the table as the season progresses "I think we've been playing well without being really clinical in the final third. Played well against Hull without really peppering their goal. We dominated the ball. I suppose we need to get that into our game because we had it against Lincoln. Northampton was a really scrappy game. The pitch wasn't great but I think the manager said the ball was only in play about 30 minutes. We just kind of carry on and implement the things that the manager has been wanting us to do. The last couple of seasons the division has been really wide open. Ever since we've been in League One there was ourselves, Barnsley, Luton - who were kind of at the top for quite a long time. Portsmouth as well, but as we saw last season Wycombe were eighth and ended up going into the play-off. Even Sunderland - when I wasn't playing - we were down in 15th. You then go on a game of eight or nine game unbeaten and you shoot right back up the table. This season is very similar. I think ourselves - this season, there's no reason we can't go on a run of games and end up right in the mix. That's the aim."