Lockdown days provide space to think over the various opinions of what’s gone wrong at SAFC. It’s the owners, players, managers, tactics the postulated list is endless.

What’s a known though is that the wealth of the current owners was not sufficient to carry the club forward. All the more important therefore to be prudent in capital and revenue expenditure.

The key problem for me is player acquisition and disposal. Player recruitment has been poor. Disposal, usually when contracts run out. The club has not had the wherewithal to throw money at recruitment or remedy recruitment mistakes. So free transfers and hasty loan deals have been cobbled together however it does not need to be like that.

Compare for example, SAFC recruitment and player disposal to Oxford United. Oxford recruit well, they probably have the best central defensive partnership in League 1. Cost £500k. They have a pacey and balanced midfield.

Cost negligible. Two midfield players were sold to Brentford in January for £3m without impacting overall momentum. The forward line is poor but with midfield support they do well. Oxford need to recruit well so player sales can contribute towards club running costs. After all average home attendance is only about 7000.

These SAFC owners are not going anywhere soon. Who in their right mind would want to buy SAFC in the current climate? What the incumbents can do though is to sort the player recruitment issue.