An excellent 3-0 win away from home for Sunderland with a hat trick from Charlie Wyler. Here’s the marks out of ten...

Lee Burge (7/10): Only had to make a few routine saves, but stayed alert throughout.

Max Power (7/10): Didn’t look out of place at right back, getting up and down the pitch well. Power got caught out positionally sometimes, but made up for it with robust tackling and really impressive link-up play with the forwards.

Jordan Willis (7/10): It was really good seeing the partnership of Wright and Willis again. Jordan was physically dominant and composed on the ball, unlike some of his teammates.

Bailey Wright (6/10): Wright still looks more comfortable in a back three, but covered well for McFadzean defensively and generally looked solid. Kept things simple in possession to try and retain control of the match.

Callum McFadzean (6/10): Looked dangerous going forward, but yet again the left back was nowhere to be seen in our own half. Against a higher quality opposition McFadzean’s defensive frailties could be seriously exposed.

Grant Leadbitter (6/10): Started really well before dropping intensity after the first goal. Gave the ball away far too easily in midfield, as well as trying to over complicate set pieces when he could have put the ball in the box. The one time he did put it into the box, it was brilliant and created a goal.

Josh Scowen (5/10): Not creative enough when attacking, like many teammates. A poor passer of the ball, Scowen did cover a lot of ground but frustratingly gave away several needless free kicks.

Elliot Embleton (5/10): Linked up well with O’Brien for the opener, but other than that the attacking midfielder was largely anonymous. He couldn’t create anything from open play, and looked on a different wavelength to Leadbitter when it came to set pieces.

Aiden McGeady (5/10): Another game when McGeady looked off the pace, the mercurial forward played in a free role today. His dribbling was ineffective, and passing was too sloppy.

Aiden O’Brien (7/10): Added a bit of mobility up front, keeping the Dons’ defence on their toes. Linked up with Embleton and Wyke well for the goal, and was simply a nuisance throughout. The only problem was his consistent fouling in needless positions, but he wasn’t the only man guilty of that.

Charlie Wyke (8/10): Showed great awareness to get into a good position for all of his goals. Worked hard as usual but this was another match where Wyke was too slow and clumsy when pressing the defence, as well as failing to hold the ball up when we needed to relieve some pressure. That being said, you can’t really criticise the hat trick hero for scoring three goals and effectively won us the game.


Carl Winchester (5/10): Couldn’t get on the ball too much, looking fairly anonymous in midfield.

Jack Diamond (6/10): Tried to move forward with pace but like Winchester, couldn’t get on the ball a whole lot. Came very close to making it three nil right at the end, with two great chances.

Chris Maguire (5/10): I hate to repeat myself but the third sub also didn’t see a lot of the ball, in a period of the game where Wimbledon attacked and then eventually the game was killed off.