Our nine-match unbeaten run came to an end at Fratton Park on Saturday. Phil Parkinson had this to say afterwards. “I thought in the first half we played some great stuff and were the better side but it’s about the defining moments in games,” he said. “For the first goal, I didn’t think it was a free-kick - Luke O’Nien had been fouled prior to that - but Portsmouth had that bit more edge in both boxes today. Their centre-halves are very dominant, we know that, and heading the ball out of your box is very important and we came up short twice. In the second half they started with intensity, they put the ball in behind us, and played in a very direct kind of way and got that second goal. When they got that second goal, I felt it gave them a huge lift and we just couldn’t get out and get the ball down and play like we had in the first half. And obviously it was compounded in the last ten minutes by going down to ten men with Lynchy’s injury. If you look at the first half, we should have had two penalties and it is hugely frustrating - we needed the officials to be stronger today but unfortunately those big calls didn’t go our way.”

Phil Parkinson also gave an update on Joel Lynch, who suffered a serious injury late in the game. “He was knocked unconscious and has gone to hospital,” Parkinson said. “We don't really know the extent of his injury yet and we just hope he's alright. The centre-forward has just pushed him [into the goalkeeper], there's no need for him to do that. It looks like he has suffered a very bad injury and it is a worry when someone is knocked clean out. The medical team were on there very quickly, we can only tell you more when we get him ourselves from hospital. If you look at the incident, he's running through, and the defender has just ran across him and clipped him, and made him collide with the goalkeeper. I don't think it was a serious shoulder injury but it was certainly serious enough for him to come off at half-time and we'll have to assess that tomorrow morning.”