Phil Parkinson is looking to rebuild his depleted squad ahead of the 2020/21 season and reckons he needs ‘seven or eight’ new signings. “You've got to have a physicality at any level of football,” Parkinson said. “I want athleticism and an energy in the team. You need young legs to do that and I think we've got a core of players who fill that criteria. We obviously also know the way we want to play and the shape that we're building towards, so it's about getting the players that fit that. I've said to all the staff in the last couple of weeks, this is how I want to play, these are the positions we want, let's have a clear identity of what we're building towards so that the summer doesn't get muddled. There's enough with everything going on that could make it muddled so it is my job to make it absolutely crystal clear: this is how we want to play, obviously any system needs some variations in it but these are the players that fit. I think if we do that, stay calm, work together, we'll have a chance.”

The EFL are proposing a date in mid-September to start next season, but only time will tell if that is the case. “The lads started to relish starting to play on our home patch and the supporters responded to how we were playing,” Parkinson said. “It’s my job to replicate that and with better quality as well. If we do that, the fans, despite the frustrations of being in the division, will get right behind the team. My job is to produce a brand of football that the fans can relate to, that's what I'm going to. I'm itching to get going again and I know the players are too.”