Assistant Manager Steve Parkin faced the press after our win against against Crewe Alexandra. He was happy enough with the three points but would have liked a few more goals.

"The lads in the dressing room are a little bit disappointed with the goals tally because I think some of the football that we played warranted two or three more goals. I think we’ve limited a good side who we’ve watched closely this season to practically nothing. We’ve had 20-odd attempts and we just need to concentrate on converting a few more of those because it made it a little bit hairy at the end. But the resilience of the boys and the way they defended was admirable at the end to make sure we got that 1-0 victory. The key thing is that we have lots of defenders’ meetings and watch lots of videos on the opposition. We go through the defending we’ve had in the previous game and we also work on the training ground so the clean sheets don’t just happen, they come with a lot of hard work and dedication from the players and everybody at the club. It’s also not just down to the defenders and the goalkeeper, we start from the front. Our closing down in the last two games has been very good – it was good tonight against a very technical team, that’s the reason why we’ve been keeping clean sheets.”


“It’s a long, hard season, and you’re going to have games where you don’t score as many as you’d like. When that happens, you have to manage them to be successful. We firmly believe in keeping clean sheets first and foremost, and we’ve got a group who really buy in to that. You can’t win every game comfortably, so sometimes it’s about seeing it through. Sometimes these results are really satisfying, when you keep a clean sheet and see a real intensity from the lads to keep the ball out of the net.”


“We're delighted with him. He's brought all his experience and know-how of the games he's played to the table. He tidies the mess up but does it with quality and if he can play from that area of the pitch, he does. His desire to do well for this club is massive, as we all know. But he's playing with a real calmness and a real composure, which sets the rest of the team nicely to play some good football.”