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Alex Neil has defended his top scorer, Ross Stewart, after people questioned his recent goalless stretch up until he scored twice against Cambridge last Saturday.


“I didn’t even know how long it had been. Eight games? Was it as long as that? I didn’t know. It didn’t even enter my mind. Ross is our number nine. He leads the line, and he’s a good striker. How many goals has he scored now? 24? That’s a great return isn’t it?"


"Even if he goes through a little spell when he doesn’t score, then provided he’s contributing to the team and is doing everything that’s asked of him, that’s great.”


"See in that spell, I’m conscious of the fact we’ve not played with natural footers on the sides, so their deliveries for Ross probably haven’t really helped him because that’s not the type of striker he is. I’m aware of that, but we’ve still won games.”


"What I say to Ross is, ‘You need to do your job for the team, and when we can do that for you, then great’. We just need to adapt, and he’s adapted great."

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