Michael Bridges has applied to become Sunderland’s new U18s manager despite living in Australia! Bridges explained: "I've got fond memories of my time at the club. Going back, it sparked something, and they've seen how I operated in the senior environment. I did a few Zoom sessions through the lockdown with their younger kids as well. I really enjoyed it, doing a bit of mentoring about what to look out for and how to give yourself an opportunity. I thought it was an opportunity to get a head coach role and help out with the reserves as well. Going back to a club you've had many memories and the chance to pass the knowledge on to the youngsters, you're not going to turn that down."

He added: "Sadly since I applied, it's just been one person getting sacked after another. I know Lee Johnson and Kristjaan Speakman have just come in, and you can see things being put in to place now. Hopefully they can get back to where they belong, but you've got to have a foundation first with stability. It's not frustrating in any terms. I'm sure they'll be going through the process and I'll find out one way or another eventually.”