Along with a number of other owners and Chairmen in the Football League, Charlie Methven has co-signed a letter to the government, urging them to provide more financial support to EFL clubs and has warned that some clubs may ‘go under’ if action is not taken soon.

The letter reads, "Without any plans being made to rescue football clubs, many in the EFL and others in the National League as well, are now actively preparing to make all but essential staff redundant, cease playing, close down their youth academies and community foundations, and put their business into administration. This could lead not only to the failure of many historic community clubs, but the collapse of the national league structure that we have known for over 100 years. These are decisions that will be made in the coming weeks, with many clubs unable to meet their payroll obligations for next month. We would ask that the government now make clear what financial support it's prepared to give before it is too late, in order for clubs to sustain themselves over the winter and keep playing, they would need to be compensated for the loss of match ticket sales. There is still time to act, but not long left. The absence of this income is not a result of their actions, but the policies that have been put in place by the government, it cannot be the Premier League's sole responsibility to sort out issues arising from government policy. The government itself needs to take responsibility or many already embattled towns - often in areas of the country which have suffered many hardships in recent decades - will lose their last focal point. We believe that football, like other well-loved professional sports in this country, is also a cultural activity.”