LON on Dressing Room Rift

Luke O’Nien has been talking about dressing room rifts and how the players all need to pull together. Interesting stuff since he was the one who was supposedly bulled by Aiden McGeady. “I think in football, everyone has experienced that - players come and go all the time. Whether that’s through injury or some people leave, that’s just part and parcel of football. The squad chops and changes here and there and it’s important that you keep the nucleus of the club close and keep it constant. That nucleus has good morals and ethics that it tries to live by every day and drive the club forward. Regardless of the chopping and changing, you’ve got to stay focused. It might not always be easy - you saw it last year with [Josh] Maja going, an important player - but it’s part and parcel of football so you just have to work with it. We’re all responsible for contributing to the dressing room,” added the midfielder. From the young players to the senior players. It’s all our responsibility to make sure we’re pulling in the right direction. We’re all going to need to step up, some more than others, at different parts of the season and when you’re having a tough time it’s important that leaders come forward. Even the young players, I think Denver (Hume) and Dobbo (George Dobson) have been our strongest players this season, and even those two can have a voice. I think everyone respects each other at this club and it’s important - especially when it’s tough - that people try and lead us back in the right direction, and I feel like we have that in the dressing room. We’ve got the characters, the experience, the youth, where if we all pull in the right direction we’re not just going to have a good season, we’ll have a great season. We’ve been on a bad run of form and we’re not a long away from Ipswich. That goes to show that if we can go on a big run, which we’re more than capable of, then there will be no problem. We’re not only looking at the play-off spots, but above and beyond. I’ve seen teams go on a 10, 15-game unbeaten run and sneak into the automatics at the end of the season. Charlton shot up last year and if they had a few more games they might have even gone up automatically. Listen, there’s a long way to go. We’re not even halfway through so it’s too early to say they’re up and they’re not. There’s a long, long way to go.”

LON also chatted amount Phil Parkinson: “The new manager is a good man and I’ve really enjoyed working under him,” he added. “I’ve been a part of every single day and I know how hard they work and what they want from us. When results aren’t going our way, it’s not always easy to see things like that. I understand why there would be [complaints from supporters], but I think with time you can see things starting to change.”