Today’s lockdown tracks are chosen by Wise Men Say podcast regular and Roker resident, Rory Fallow.

Was there a lot of music in the house when you were growing up?

Yes, my family have always been heavily into music and pop culture in general. My older sister loved the Spice Girls so they were probably the first big act I heard. I think, like most kids of the late 90s, the first hit of music was the boybands and girl groups of the time.

My Dad introduced me to more credible tracks when playing music in the car. It always seemed to either be Johnny Cash or The Beautiful South! Actually, I remember him having the cassette of Cheer Up Peter Reid as well!

What about buying music? Do you remember your first purchase?

I'm pretty sure the first CD I bought was Busted's first album, which everyone in my Year 6 class had. A couple of years later my Dad introduced me to Punk music and that's set the tone for everything I've liked since. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned… that was pretty much all I listened to until I was 16. After that I started taking more notice of the latest indie music. And obviously when you’ve got bands like The Futureheads and Maximo Park locally it helps..

Do you have any pre-match music traditions?

I wouldn't say I have a strict song I listen to on a match day. When I was in my teens, me and my Dad would sometimes listen to compilation albums we bought in Hot Rats called Punk In Sunderland which, as you would expect, featured punk music from Sunderland bands. The Angelic Upstarts cover of Bandiera Rossa and their song Safe Haven were particular favourites on the way to some away games.

These days there’s really no routine for music on the way to the match but, after a win, Super Furry Animals with Juxtaposed with U is always a good one to play because of that upbeat/dreamy intro. And whether there's football or not, Peaches En Regalia by Frank Zappa is great vibe for a Saturday morning.

How about live music? Do you get to many concerts?

Yes, I get to quite a few, Frankie & The Hearstrings are easily the band I've seen live the most. I tagged along on a few of their tours selling the merch so have some really fond memories with them. The one that stands out the most would be the show they played at Heaven in London, the day their first album came out, with support from Veronica Falls and Those Dancing Days. The Snooker player Steve Davis was also there as he's really into his music, so it was quite a surreal night.

Away from that, Public Image Ltd at Manchester Academy in 2009 and Killing Joke at Rebellion Festival earlier that same year really stand out. So cool to see two absolute giants of post-punk live and they both blew me away. I love LCD Soundsystem and finally getting to see them live on the last day of Glastonbury 2016 was pretty emotional. Pulp's surprise set at Glastonbury in 2011 too, that was amazing to catch that.

What about dancing? How easy is it to get you up there?

Oh I'm straight up. At my sister’s wedding a few years back, they just played loads of Indie anthems - Stone Roses, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys and it was one of those nights where you never got a break because you didn't want to miss out on a great song. I was knackered by the end of the night. Common People by Pulp is always a solid shout to fill a dance floor because it's a good sing-a-long sort of track. And you can try and impersonate Jarvis Cocker's dance moves. That's always a laugh.

And if we could let you out from lockdown for one night, where would you go?

Do you know what? I think I would have a bit of a chilled one. I live in Roker so I'm lucky to have a decent selection of pubs near by, The Harbour View is probably the most frequented along with my (Wise Men Say collaborator) Matthew Keeling. I would just head there for a few pints and see some friends. Everything feels alright when you're in the pub doesn't it?

It’s starting to feel like I can’t remember! Thinking back to pre-lockdown, do you have a favourite walk out song from any ground you’ve been to?

In terms of other clubs, The Liquidator by Harry J Allstars that Chelsea walk out to is brilliant. Just a total banger and the fact that there's that little pause where the fans can shout ‘Chelsea!’, after a few claps, is perfect. You've got to give Z Cars a mention too, Everton have a lovely little combo with that and their Grand Old Team song. I really loved it when we came out to Beginning Of The Twist by The Futureheads. Not the most original answer but I liked how we had a good song, by a local band, that also had the energy to compliment a match day. Dance of The Knights is a great build up track obviously, it's so atmospheric. To be fair, Invaders Must Die isn't that bad but I would bring The Futureheads back if I had my way.

Who knows what the future holds?! Thanks for chatting and keep well.