Today’s Lockdown Tracks are picked by Sky Sports News presenter and massive SAFC fan Tom White.

What sort of music was playing in your house when you were young?

My mum would have had the radio on at home quite a lot and my sister was into whatever was in the charts at the time, Kylie and Jason, that sort of thing. I remember listening to a Lionel Richie cassette my mum had on car journeys and around the house.

Was your sister one of the millions who taped the charts on a Sunday?

Yes definitely, and then sometimes my mum used to record a song if she heard it on the radio and thought I’d like it. She’d play it back to me when I got home from school or I’d play it on my walkman. I remember those tapes very clearly.

And what sort of music did you like?

I didn’t admit it at the time but I really liked the boy bands of the time.

Take That?

No, not so much Take That but Five, Blue and a bit of Boyzone or Westlife. And the US versions as well, Back Street Boys, NSync. I enjoyed them all. I think I liked them more than Take That because they danced rather than just sang. I was a big fan of Street Dancing, maybe that’s where it came from. I then started to get into R&B and Garage.

Which artists do you like best?

Well, garage evolved three ways. Some DJs went into funky house, some MCs went into UK hip hop, but a new sound also emerged. It didn’t even have a name at the time but it drew me in. It was eventually given the name Grime and that’s been my favourite genre ever since. That surprises a lot of people. So my favourite artists are Wiley, P-Money, Devlin, JME and Lady Leshurr. But I’m still into RnB and Trey Songz is still the king of RNB for me.

And what else were you up to in your youth?

Football! All day until mum told me to come in, especially through the holidays. I played cricket as well, but football is my first love. I remember being taken to watch my Dad who was involved in horse racing, just amateur point to point stuff but we went along when he raced. The thing is, as soon as we got there I’d head off and play football with my friends!

I was going to ask if you had a sport that you were looking forward to coming back more than any others but…

Other than football?

Ha! So football is your pick?

Yes, nothing comes close.

Do you have any songs that, in your mind, you link to football?

I do, but it’s not a football song at all. April 2013. I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages and we headed to Newcastle for a long weekend. He’s an Arsenal fan but he’d always wanted to see a Tyne Wear derby. We went to St James’ Park for the Di Canio 3-0 for what turned into our first of six in a row. It was an amazing weekend and in every club, every bar we went into they were playing Calvin Harris with Ellie Goulding, I need your love. That song reminds me of that weekend whenever I hear it now. I made sure I played it before all the other Newcastle games. It kept working!

Ha, maybe you should have played it more this season. Are you a dancer when you get into the clubs?

Not at all. I’d have to be dragged up on to the dancefloor. With one exception – I love Christmas songs. If there are Christmas songs I’ll dance, and once I’m up there I won’t stop!

And If we could let you out of lockdown for one day, where would you go?

Well, it’s my birthday on the 15th July and I was meant to be going to a wedding on the 18th which has sadly been postponed, so (if we’re allowed) the plan is to have a pub crawl that day, all in retro football shirts. Everyone I’ve asked is up for it. I think just a day out in the sun having a few drinks will be amazing.

Sounds brilliant. How about concerts, do you get to many concerts?

I’ve never enjoyed them to be honest. I’ve been to a few clubs with amazing artists like So Solid Crew and Heartless Crew but not concerts. Actually I think I’ve only ever been to one! A friend at school had this trip for his birthday where a few of us went to see AC-DC at Wembley Arena. It was Euro 96 and the day England beat Spain on penalties. I remember not being fussed about the music but buzzing about the football!

And, final question. What’s the best walk out music anywhere you’ve ever been?

Dance of the Knights. No question. It’s brilliant. I know they thought it should change when the Apprentice used it but I think it was brilliant. And the way it backed into Republica. That’s the best definitely.