Lee Johnson met the press ahead of the visit of Swindon Town and he’ll be looking for an improved performance against The Robins after a disappointing display against Crewe on Saturday.


"I think the boys were naturally disappointed with our team performance in the first half at Crewe - that's what we expect, we need a reaction. Of course, we're going against an opponent who want to beat us, and we have to step up to that, and show our quality. We fell short of our own standards on Saturday, and now the next game gives an opportunity to show what we're about and to go again.


"Training was bright this morning - we don't want to drown players in their weaknesses, we want to improve their strengths into super-strengths, and give them that love of the game. We want to be bold, positive, and the lads have done great to get in a position where we can really look forward with 16 games left."


"I know John Sheridan well and have played for him. His career as both a manager and a player stands up; his footballing knowledge is unreal. They will always demand quality football, and commitment and passion from their players. Their recent results have shown that, and it's a tough game for us. We don't have any further injuries or fitness news - we're as we were from the weekend, with Grant obviously out."


"One of the lessons I learned very early on in football management is to never pick the team directly after a game! Because you can be very emotional. We know we've got to be at it, a lot more than we were on Saturday. It's a really difficult team selection because I've got to find certain attributes and a lift from zero if you like, that will give us the opportunity to go and win the game. More importantly, the process to do the right things to win those margins that give us the opportunity to win the game. I'm going to have to really make sure that any player I pick is really up for it. It's a game we can win if we're full of endeavour and win those duels, and trust the process of the performance that we've seen on a number of occasions so far. The positive is that it's kept a run going, and the form over five or six games is still pretty good. We've got away with one and we know we won't get away with many, particularly in March when we've got those big games."


"Tom Flanagan won't be back, he's actually got a slightly deferred injury. I think when he's broken his foot he's been running differently, and he's then felt his calf. He's then I think been covering his calf and he's felt his hip flexor. Bailey [Wright] is really trying for that week leading into the Papa John's final. Ross Stewart is doing everything alright, but there's something that's just nipping him. He's not fully confident in it, it's definitely physical rather than mental. It's not bad, it's just an ache and that suggests it's just not quite fully healed yet. He's exactly the kind of player that you'd have loved to have stuck on against Crewe, that kind of player who can chase and win his own flick-ons."