Lee Johnson met the press ahead of the Rochdale game. Here’s the bones of what he had to say…


“We have to take care of what we can do, keep being relentless and churning out wins. Our form is good, but we can’t rest on our laurels. I think Rochdale are a really good side – I’ve watched a lot of them over the last two or three days, and the way they play out from the back is very impressive. We have a good side, and we have to take our A-game to the weekend, and if we don’t, we’ll be punished by a good Rochdale outfit.”


“To be honest I think internally, it’s been pretty easy to take it game-by-game. The games have come so thick and fast and been so important that we’ve been able to maintain excellent focus. We had a lot out there at training [on Friday] which is great to see, and maybe Wembley is able to set a target for some of the lads returning from injury. By no means are they dragging it out, but it helps them focus their minds on a target and helps us in that we’ll go into the back of the season with more fit players. The attitude of the players has been good. Everyone wants to play at Wembley, of course, but everyone knows we’re fighting on all fronts. The league is as important as Wembley, if not more so.”