Lee Johnson met the press ahead of our trip to Bristol Rovers and gave an injury update on Jordan Jones, Bailey Wright, Tom Flanagan and Denver Hume…


“We’re getting there. Bailey is feeling really good, although he’s not immediately close to a return. Jordan Jones is a lot closer. It’s probably 70-30 against him playing (against Bristol Rovers), but he’s certainly out there buzzing about, which is good. Flanagan is back out on the grass but is still a couple of weeks away. He might have to have a steroid injection in his foot because he’s still got a niggly chipped bone in the joint on the metatarsal. Hopefully, that won’t really interfere with his hamstring rehab, it will just aid it and make him run that little bit more fluidly.”


“Denver’s moving really well. He’s really committing to every action, as you’d expect with his all-action style. He managed to get 45 minutes in a game against Gateshead in the week, and we were looking for that energy as well as the speed and dynamism that he’s got. That all looked perfect. There was no impingement there at all. He was a little bit rusty in possession, but you’d expect that after so long out. We’ve got an Under-23s game on Monday against Burnley, and I’d like him to get some more minutes in that. Then we’ll have a look and assess it, and speak to him to see how he feels about the progression back to getting first-team minutes.”


"We had a bit of a Covid situation with a couple of our members - I'm not going to reveal who at this stage - so the boys had to be tested, which meant they actually had an extra day [off] although they were working from home. All is well on the Covid front, though, which means we should be OK going into tomorrow. Since those two cases, one of which was a player who hasn't been in the squad for a while because he has been injured, everyone has returned negative tests which is good."