Lee Johnson was delighted with hard fought the 1-0 win against Swindon which see his side climb up to fourth top…


“First half, in possession, we had a lot of control but didn't work their goalkeeper enough. We had a lot of bright play, a lot of switches, centre-halves stepping out, a lot of overloads but it never really resulted in a positive action around the six-yard box. We didn't have enough numbers in the box, that's for sure. We put Gooch in at 10 and at half-time and just asked the midfielders to get on the angle to be able to play forward more. They were having a good game, but it was one of those prozone 95% pass completion, and not enough forward passes. Second half we did that much better.”


“We scored from the set play, another fantastic delivery and a fantastic header. We did all our work up until then and that's when you've got to punish teams. We had three or four really good chances to kill it completely and you're always at the mercy of that free kick, which was an unbelievable hit. Burgey has made a magnificent save as well earlier. I thought we could improve on our defensive detail after we've had an attack, I didn't think we got compact early enough. That is difficult for us at the moment because we're flogging the boys Saturday-Tuesday.”


“It reminded me a bit of the Wimbledon game away. We worked hard, hustled, had a good defensive shape and then you earn the right to finish them off. It's still a good professional win but you leave yourself at the mercy of a refereeing decision, an individual error or a worldie strike from the opposition.


“Don't get me wrong, I am delighted. I'm absolutely buzzing with the points because I knew how difficult a game this was. They're in good form, I know the management team well and they're good. They've got some good players and so I was really pleased considering we're down to the bare bones with a makeshift back four. The boys are being asked to churn out performances and they've been superb in that.”


“Conor needs an injection on the back of the hernia operation he had. He's just having a bit of pain so it's more than likely he'll be out again. Goochy just felt his calf, so hopefully that won't be too bad. I've said to the U23s, there are four spots available for Wembley when you add the three lads that we have cup tied, if that's not a carrot for them then I don't know what is. We'll find out about Grant on Wednesday when he sees the specialist. It was a bad one but he's quite strong minded in that he wants to be able to do what he can and get back as quick as possible and risk it, but we'll have to see.”