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Lee Johnson left Plough Lane with a smile on his face on Saturday afternoon after seeing his side win 3-0. Here are his post match comments...

"It was a solid performance," Johnson said. "It definitely wasn't one of real guile and silk. We didn't really get our passing patterns going and I think you have to give credit to Wimbledon for that, they went man for man and shut us down at every opportunity. I felt that in the first half we didn't show a top attitude and I was a little bit frustrated, I don't like it when you see some dissent from players, either to each other or to themselves. However, we came in with a lead having looked very solid as a defensive unit and then in the second half, it was always going to be edgy until we scored a second goal. We did that, and then it became apparent that we were the better side and we'd earned the right by defending well and using our substitutes to give us the ability to counter and counter well. I was happy with the solidness and the attitude of the second half, and there are areas for us to work on for sure."

"To be honest, I don't think you can judge on us a couple of those draws," he said. “I think the Northampton game, to have eight starters who had tested positive for COVID-19, and then obviously the one before that was the Wimbledon game. I'm not moaning about it and I do think that will pan out for all clubs between now and the end of the season. I'm just saying, let's get through that spell, and build that momentum and build our performances. The good thing is at this level, when you've got the clean sheets, you can get those scrappy wins. It wasn't in the end, but I know we've got more ability than we showed today. I think we were a bit emotional and didn't execute to the level we can, we can be better on the ball."

Lee Johnson also took timer to praise Charlie Wyke, who, of course, netted a hat-trick. “I’m delighted for him,” said Johnson.“ For any striker, a hat-trick will give them confidence. He had to work his socks off today, he was battered from pillar to post by the two centre-halves but he has dealt it and he earned his opportunities. He could have scored about five today. When he gets across the near post, he bangs in goals – you saw that against Lincoln, and then again here. He’ll be delighted and we are delighted for him, however it is what we expect. He’s a striker and when we feed him, we expect him to take his chances. I was fully aware of what style of player he is. I think Charlie has to believe in himself. A lot of the problem at a club like this is external influences that penetrate the mind. We have to internalise his confidence levels and make sure that football doesn’t define him as a human. Sometimes the pressure of being at a big club like this can get to people. With everything we are working on, today’s game will be fantastic for him. He believes in himself, but I believe he is probably better than he believes at the moment.”

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