Lee Johnson was delighted to see his makeshift defence keep a clean sheet and his creative players boss the game in our 3-0 win over Burton Albion.


“I was worried about this one, to be honest. They're in good form, we had to change the shape. On the ball, it's a great shape and I thought we caused them problems throughout the first half with how footballing ability and interplay we had between the front players.”


“Lynden is a pocket dynamo and with Aiden O'Brien making those sort of out to in runs, Goochy was the perfect player for the role. Both him and Luke O'Nien have been absolutely fantastic because we've had to use them in three or four positions. 'm very happy with those two but I'm very hapy with everyone, it was a very professional performance. In the second half we had to weather a storm because they're a good side. Jonny Smith I know well and he's top class at cutting in from the right, and Burgey was there when we needed.”


“We had to gain control. We gained that with our energy and obviously the sending off proved to be pivotal. It was pretty much game over when we got the third which meant we could save 10 or 12 minutes in some of the players which is important. The boys came on, nothing changed, they knew their role, and we were comfortable. That one has gone now and it's on to the next one.”


“Callum McFadzean was out because of the concussion protocols, so that was a bit frustrating that one. You’ve got to do the right thing by the player, and the doctors have a lot of power now. Rightly so. In terms of Bailey Wright, he’s going to be out for two or three weeks with a small tear to a part of his calf.”


“The boys’ attitude has been great. If there had been any dissent in asking players to play in different positions, we wouldn’t have been able to do it. I think they’ve enjoyed it. They rolled their sleeves up in a really difficult game, on a difficult pitch, against a side that are fighting for their lives. It was really good work today as a whole. Everybody can go home and enjoy their day off tomorrow, but come Monday we’ll be back to it because we’ve got a big game on Tuesday.”