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Lee Johnson was delighted with the 3-2 win at Blackpool and Aiden O'Brien's hattrick…


"Every win is important, it really is. We're trying to win the trust of the supporters all the time, and it can be really, really powerful what you see at the end there. It buys you the odd bad performance because they see that the lads are putting it all in there, and they see that we are trusting youth. We did make a lot of mistakes today but we recovered through good attitudes. That is what youth brings you, sometimes they can be a little bit green but the enthusiasm is there for everyone to see.


"I thought it was a tough game. Both sides played their game and tried to impose the way they want to play on the other. It was a really good game. To be honest I thought there was a lot of talent on show from both teams. It was a challenge for us, having been beaten by them twice last year and with them being the team that ultimately secured that play-off win.


"I'd been told after the Wigan game that it had been a long time since we'd bounced back from a deficit to win. So that's a good habit to get into, to continue to drive forward and keep playing our way. That was what pleased me most. We had one-v-ones, and Aiden felt he took a little kick on the stud for one. Nathan had a good opportunity and then we felt that his goal was onside, so the timing of his movement was good. There were a lot of positives."


"I'm really pleased for him. I thought last season he maybe didn't get the credit he deserved. Charlie finished the chances but he often played better when he was occupying defenders and spaces, and showing that running power. He deserved more of the credit for Charlie's goals. We gave him that internally, he's a very good player. I'm really happy for him. There's only two people in that changing room with a League Cup hat-trick, me and him!"

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