Despite Sunderland’s horrendous Wembley record of seven consecutive defeats, Lee Johnson is determined to bury past failures and write his own cup final history…


"The concentration has to be on winning the match. I've only been here four months. I don't feel any weight of history. In terms of a new regime coming in it's a first and that's how we're looking at it. We want to do well for everybody and for ourselves. I don't know my history anywhere near enough about the football club and I'm looking forward to learning about it.


It's been so thick and fast in terms of the games I haven't had a chance. I like my history and I like to know exactly what's gone on in the past. It might be a positive given, the likes of yourselves, believe that it's a curse. I certainly don't believe in that. It's not a distraction it's good - the next game. That's the mentality that we have to take. We've got full respect for a good Tranmere side who are competing very well in their division. They've got a lot of experience. It's here. The reason we competed so hard in the earlier rounds is for this moment. Now you've got to perform mentally and physically when it matters most."


"I don't think the boys will be complacent we respect Tranmere and I think you can only be at the top end of the division that you're in. Tranmere are at the top end of the division they're on because they're one of the best sides in the division. Often that transcends into a mid-table like position for most league one clubs as well. Often the League Two clubs can get the experienced strikers. They got [James] Vaughan, I know he's out injured but they've got Nugent who's had an unbelievable career. They've got Clarke and Feeney, all these boys have been really experienced at Championship level."