Lee Johnson continues to get quizzed about the possibility of us hanging onto Dion Sanderson. Here’s his latest comments on the classy centre half…


“The Sunderland to Wolves stuff is nothing really to do with me, apart from knowing Nuno quite well, because I did my Pro Licence on him. My relationship is with Dion, and I think that’s the key relationship there.


“Does he feel valued, does he feel trusted in his performance? Hopefully, he would say yes and we certainly trust him and his quality. He’s had a good, extended run of games now. I think that Papa John’s situation (when Sanderson was cup tied) probably interrupted things with him at the start, but now through both his form and the injury situation, he’s had a real consistent run and done very, very well.


“From my side, it’s a very easy situation – keep trying to improve the player as much as possible. I think the player respects that in the end. I can’t really talk about anything other than his performances for Sunderland, which have been very, very good.”