After a great ten days on and off the pitch, Lee Johnson has been singing the praises of KLD...


“He’s a very impressive man. He’s been good to work with, and he’s got a lovely way about him. He definitely cares, he’s definitely passionate, and he’s been present here at the club as well, which I think is important. All the staff and players have been able to get a feel for the type of person he is. As a head coach of a team, you become a disciple of that message and try to manage it as much as possible. The good thing is that we’re very aligned – and we have been from the start. Hopefully, like he says, that long-term gain will come as long as we’re making the correct decisions, both on and off the pitch.”


“When you’re a head coach and you’ve got an owner or a chairman, they’re almost always very successful people in their own right. I think Kyril’s the same. He’s a successful individual, and he obviously has a history of family success as well. You can tell the values that have been passed down through that family, and the education he’s had, both in football and outside of football. Business wise, he’s got a strong acumen. Of course, he’s going to make mistakes, like we all are. Even at 73, owners are still making mistakes, so we’ve got to be there to support him as much as we expect him to support us.”