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Ahead of the upcoming transfer window KLD has spoken about the successes of prior transfer windows, and now that we find ourselves in a good position we wont need a big intake of players.


"Since I came in, we have had a very peculiar situation - before my first season we had only 12 players left at the club so it was about bringing in big numbers of new players which we had to do."


"We've got a very good core of players now, and it is about every window - whether it is January or in the summer - identifying where we can get better, but really specifically rather than bringing in six, seven, or eight players all at once."


"Every club has a lot of context that makes their job [that of the head coach] very difficult. Here he [Mowbray] came in with an open mentality. We knew we had injuries but we didn't give up and say 'we're missing key players, let's just wait for them to come back'.”


"We were creative, we tried to change things around to try and pick up results which we have done in many games which was very pleasing. To come into a new group with no pre-season is not an easy context but so far it is going really well and we are really pleased with how it has been going so far."


"Then we got promoted which immediately means you need to bring in again a lot of new players because you have just moved up the leagues. My big hope is that, unless we get promoted to the Premier League in six months, we will be able now to recruit a less amount and concentrate on the specific profiles that are exactly what we need rather than having to find ten or 12 players. The first team is the tip of the iceberg, but then there is everything behind it."


"Behind the scenes there has been a lot of good work done which I hope will yield a lot of success in the next five to 15 years. We've just now finally hired our last person in the football department so we have a fully-staffed department. The long term things are going in the right direction which will hopefully yield success in the future."