With the EFL and Premier League suspending all games until early April at the earliest, we’re without our footy fix, so here are a few suggestions of what to do with your spare time.


Make the most of this option while you still can! Boris and his mates haven’t yet imposed a ban on pubs, so gather a few mates and get down to the local boozer, catch up with old friends or simply take your mind off things. Of course, take precautions in the current climate, but it’s good to support some local businesses before they’re all ordered to close for the foreseeable. If you’re planning on self-isolating, make sure you’re fully equipped with sufficient rations of alcohol. While everyone’s panic-buying toilet roll, I know where my priorities really lie.


Starting up a new Football Manager save may help ease the pain of a lack of real-life football. You can embark on the monumental task of bringing Sunderland back up to the promised land. I’m sure that’ll take up some spare time until the season resumes!


If video games aren’t for you, gardening is a good, rewarding distraction. If you have a garden or just have a few plants round the house, then this respite from football could allow you to make time for some quality time with nature. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of graft and getting your hands dirty, provided you wash your them and sing happy birthday when you’re finished. After all, Boris and his pals in their ivory towers haven’t banned agriculture yet have they?


It’s only natural that when preparing for a long time in the house, you’d want to make sure you’ve got the essentials to last a few weeks. As previously mentioned, you must prioritise the alcohol but once that’s sorted move onto other things. Of course, the first non-perishable item that springs to mind is toilet roll. That’s hard to come by nowadays, but if you happen to be in a store that has some of those items, make sure you take the capitalist option and absolutely clear the shelves. And if you’re really stuck for toilet paper, just pop round my house; I’ve got a signed Jack Rodwell shirt.

In all seriousness though. Stay safe, be cautious and whatever you do, avoid St James’ Park like the plague and that nothing to do Coronavirus.