Despite the poor performance against Plymouth, Max Power reckons that Lee Johnson is slowly improving things at SAFC!

“He's galvanised the place and there are real good signs,” said Power. "Now it's about putting it all together. For me, I'm always in a positive mind frame and I still think we've got a real good chance of getting out the division - but we really need to get on top of this home form and start putting in those performances that we've been putting in away from home. The time I've been at the club, I know you've got to be thick-skinned to play here and have that mental state when things aren't going right. We should be winning tonight, we're expected to win and if we have any aspirations of getting out the division every player tonight should turn up, want to win and expect to win. But it doesn't just happen and we've seen tonight that we go 1-0 down, which kicked us into life and that was frustrating coming off the back of a great away win on Saturday. We want to build momentum and you look at the division and it's still wide open.”