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Despite a disappointing game against Rotherham, Tony Mowbray believes Edouard Michut is dealing well with the physicality of English football, and has praised his football intelligence...


"He's got a great spirit within him. He's a waif of a boy and yet he uses every ounce of that body to get stuck in, really."


"He wriggles underneath people's arms and gets past them. He's a very clever footballer. I don't think he has suffered through the physicality of the game, but he understands that his talent and technique has to overcome the physicality of lesser footballers who are trying to stop him. That's always been the case - some of the world's greatest footballers have been diminutive and slight. He understands that, he just has to be super-good with the ball and let his strengths overcome the strengths of the opposition and he'll be fine. I don't think I've sat and worried about the physicality of footballers of a certain type."


"As long as they can handle the ball, and handling the ball is very easy for Edouard - he doesn't need to look at the ball to control it and see the pass and the weight of it - he's a very clever kid. He's doing exceptionally well, and hopefully he just keeps on growing into the team."

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