Here’s Lee Johnson’s full injury update ahead of the visit of Rochdale this afternoon…


"The speed of his recovery from this one has been surprising. He was part of our passing drills on Friday, he did some 1-v-1's with Ross Stewart and joined in with some patterns of play work towards the end. He looks good, he's obviously a great mover anyway in terms of how he gets across the ground. You need to tick the boxes and there are obviously steps to get back to a first-team game, particularly with the kind of hamstring injury that he's had. The positive is that he's been in controlled training, which is good. He's moving well and feeling good which means we can now step it on. Ideally, of course, you'd want a player like that to get 90 minutes once or twice [in the U23s] before even considering a first-team return.”


"Ross Stewart was in training today and looks a bit closer. He is slightly different [to Denver Hume] as his hamstring injury was a much lower grade. He can be progressed a little bit quicker in terms of those boxes that need to be ticked.”


"Grant we know is fit because he's played recently, so it's just a case of him being comfortable. He went to see a specialist, and the diagnosis was major trauma to everything in his shoulder. But it is a manageable situation. With the right strapping and the right conditions, it can be managed. There is a risk that it might pop out again, but I think Grant is probably willing to take that risk. Maybe not necessarily over the short term, but over the medium term as he gets stronger and starts to feel a bit more comfortable. He looked like an American football player today because he had a nice thick padding, but hopefully that will help him and his confidence. The situation will always remain the same – there’s a 50 per cent chance that his shoulder will pop out again – and if it does, then I think it will require surgery. But at the moment, there are protective measures we can use to aid the healing and mitigate against the chances of it popping out again. If you look at him move, he 100% has a chance. It won't be about that, it'll be the contact, the prospect of falling over, that's the bit we haven't really had a time to properly discuss. Grant has been out with us on Friday but just for passing drills, not with contact. It'll depend on how he feels. He's a sensible player, he won't chase it if he's not ready. He knows we're competing on two fronts. I know that's a bit vague, nut we're not ruling him out at this stage.”


"Bailey's calf injury, the three-week mark is really important because you have to let it heal properly. He's not a million miles away.”


"Flanno has been out there today and once fit, we shouldn't expect it to be too long or him to need much rehabilitation. It will be him catching up on his lung capacity more than anything. He's starting to look a bit stronger and he's not a million miles away either.”


"Conor had an injection and he has settled well. There's a risk of rupture of he comes back too quickly, and when I see too quickly that means about 48 hours. So he should be another one [back soon]. I reckon he'll train Monday, maybe Wednesday. Portsmouth might come too soon, it might not.”


"Lynden is going to have a fitness test on Saturday morning. He felt his calf but the scan was brilliant news, with no damage. That probably means it's a compressed nerve or it was cramp. At the moment we can't know that. A compressed nerve will take a little longer, if it's cramp we'll know tomorrow morning because he'll be fine.”