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Simon Grayson has spoken about his former employers, Fleetwood's start to the season and the plan for tomorrow's match...


“I don’t focus on the league table, nor do I read it at this point and I’m not interested in what other teams do. Our main focus is how we’re doing; allegedly Sunderland are top of the table but we have to make sure we embrace these games."


“Not many teams enjoy coming to Highbury, they will look at us and see we’re on a decent run of form and have some quality players."


"We do have to respect Sunderland though, they will think they’re far too big for the division and will think they have been here for far too long, no one has a divine right to get out of the division, you have to earn it.”


“We’re on a run of positivity and we need to take advantage of it. If you look back to last Saturday’s result our players weren’t prepared to just see the game out, but we were ruthless and went to get the next goal.”


“In an ideal situation you go in-front in games and that’s the way it stays, but the character we have in our squad shows that we do emphasise that we can go out and capitalise on it - our players spoke between themselves in the dressing room, and it always makes my job a lot easier.”