Jack Diamond has been chatting about signing his new three-year contract, his ambitions and what life at the club is currently like…


I'm buzzing. I mean it's been a good season for me, I've broke through a bit but after going on loan last season, I think when the new gaffer came in, he got me right in amongst it and it's good to get rewarded with a good contract. I've done well in most of the games I've played, and I think as soon as he (Lee Johnson) came in he just threw me right in and gave me some trust and told me what he wants from me, and I think I've done well. I think my goal has always stayed the same to become a professional and get to the highest level I can. So, I think day in and day out it's just training and when you start to see the fruits of that, it just makes it even more exciting. Since being here at like 13, 14, I've always been around this great facility and I mean, going to Harrogate they're all great people and all wanted me to come back here and do well. So, I think the goal was always just to do as well as I could and progress my game and then come back and do what I've done.”


“The under 23s are winning, the first team are winning, everyone is happy, it's just really good vibes to be around and everyone's bouncing off each other. Everyone has got great talent and we work as hard as each other. And I think everyone just competes with each other to want to get on that bench or get playing and I think they're all great lads and they've all got good attitude.”


“Promotion is obviously the aim. I mean, I got promoted last season with Harrogate, so back-to-back promotions would be great. So, I think just keep going, keep trying to play as many games as I can and contribute any way really. Just get Sunderland as high I can and then keep playing and keep progressing as a player. my individual goal is always the same but as a team, that's the one you will look forward to, to try and get as high as you can.”