Much like a similarly named radio show, here are five Sunderland players past and present who I’d not mind being stuck on a desert island with.


The Southern-born adopted Mackem would have loads of stories to keep me entertained on the island, from promotion campaigns to relegation dogfights. I’m sure he’d have a few behind the scenes tales from his stints as caretaker manager too. Not to mention that of course Bally would be a natural leader on the island, just like he was on the pitch, so hopefully he’d catch all the fish and light the fire!


Like Kevin Ball, Benno would be another leader the island. Always classy on the pitch I’m sure Benno would fun to hang with and again, like Ball, he’d have so many stories from his time at SAFC, including his wild days off the pitch.


Luke’s such a lovely lad, isn’t he? He’d do whatever he could to help everyone else, even probably donating some of his own rations. He’s clearly a hard worker and wouldn’t be afraid of getting his hands dirty, as shown when he helped put the new seats in the stadium. His recent fitness videos on YouTube have shown that Luke knows how to keep fit, even in the absence of football.


Another strong character both on and off the pitch, “Saint Niall” would do everything in his power to get everyone off the island and back home, similar to at Cardiff airport when he told the airline crew who cancelled fans’ flight “these are my people, you cannot treat them like that”. It’s acts of generosity and kindness like these that would make Quinn a must-have on the island. You could just sit and listen to his stories for hours, from being a player to a pundit, chairman and even manager. If there’s one man that encapsulates Sunderland, it’s got to be this man.


Finally, I’ve gone for the only Sunderland captain to win a major trophy post-war. It would be so interesting to hear what exactly was going through his mind at certain points during the game; the Montgomery save, the goal and of course, lifting the trophy at the end of it all. I’d love to hear him relive dressing room scenes of victory, celebration and how it feels to be such a crucial part of the club’s history. Not to mention the fact that he overcame two leg breaks at the start of his Sunderland career to make over 400 appearances for the lads. This would be a true hero on the Island and a man who would inspire others to give 110%.